50 Shades of Jazz ~Jazz Matters ~ Saving Graces ~ How Jazz lessons transformed and healed my life so far…

Mary Oliver’s The Journey depicts the Saving Graces of our existence.  It is a visual journey traversing the terrain of our experiences.  

I can’t tell you the number of things I have taken for granted.  My health, my sight, my parents, okay okay, my life.  Listening is the universe’s way of connecting to nature, loved ones, that “still small voice” that have come to know as “Messenger of God”.  It has become a personal ritual and my chance to explore my deepest universe within.  It requires time, an openness so you can swing into your life. With each challenge that eludes us and each miracle that lifts us, all that is needed is to push back the catastrophes and judgments and feel renewed.  Our journeys are unscripted just as life itself. What I have learned so far…if I  listen intentionally it is perhaps the most imaginative and visceral experience one can imagine because it evokes a deeper understanding that will transform and open our hearts to the awe that lies at the center of the universe.  We incorporate it into our daily lives and through developing a faithful practice it brings immeasurable joy.  The truth about listening is that we must take the first step inward to Serenity.  When we release all thoughts, fears and painful emotions we are connected to a universal understanding.  This reveals kinship, mutual understanding and respect our creative space  comes alive in each of our souls.  It opens a portal that is beyond hearing, it is communing and awakening our lives to a unique relationships that is a gift from God and our Universe.  Are you ready? I hope this video opens the universal portal of love, joy and uniqueness and that you find a joyous peace…In Joy & Light,  JBC 8-)  Get your kicks on, your shades and threads we are embarking on this journey together!  I am so ready for experiencing the awe of our lives and our stories…

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    Loved the music and video. It’s 10:40 a.m. and wonderful timing for this soothing sound. ;-)


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