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I am recovering from my laptop malfunction that began on Monday! We all go through challenges, disappointments and unfair situations.   Initially I was overwhelmed and believed   “This is too much. I can’t deal without my files, etc., . I can’t handle starting over…  So I bought a new laptop and I remembered God’s promise He will never let us face more than we can bear. Nothing that comes your way in life is too much for you.

I kept repeating this phrase over and over again.  I sat still fighting the feeling of “it’s all my fault!  Then I got an amazing feeling and a shift in my attitude.  “With God, I can handle it.  I’m going to stay in faith and keep being my best.” In the end, I decided that I will find a way to continue to write and do my posts.  So just for today, I am going to believe that all things are possible. No person can keep you from your destiny, no bad break, no disappointment, no sickness. Keep believing, keep hoping, keep praying and keep moving forward because you can handle whatever comes your way!

I am practicing what I preach and I will build my blog to a bigger and better blog.  The second habit in Jazz living is Listening,  Here is a short link to an earlier post entitled:  50 Shades of Jazz:  Tips for Listening like a Pro @   http://wp.me/p1wAWn-wd .  Thanks, I hope you can relate.  Peace Out!  JBC 8-)

Habit #2  Listening

Here is a quick refresher:

  • Listen for a melody, usually defined by a woodwind solo, and then variations on that melody followed by harmonic variation by two or more instruments.
  • Determine which instrument is dominant and follow the thread of that instrument. The other instruments will harmonize on the same theme.
  • Try to discern a style to the artist: quick changes, long notes, soaring crescendos. Styles are loosely defined by era with Louis Armstrong as an example of pre-swing style, Count Basie of swing style, Charlie Parker of bop and John Coltrane of modern jazz.
  • Listen for mood, tempo and rhythm.

Keep in mind that before swing the sound featured larger ensembles or big bands playing longer melodies, more sophisticated harmonies with a higher degree of melodic organization.  Modern jazz emphasizes harmony over specific melody.

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  2. #2 by Let's CUT the Crap! on February 13, 2014 - 11:27 am

    We are but little ants on this earth. We must believe there is a greater power and bow to it.


  3. #5 by El Guapo on February 13, 2014 - 9:35 am

    Faith is a powerful thing.

    Also listen for the emotional impact of the piece.
    Something can be technically flawless, but still not be engaging.


    • #6 by Jazzybeatchick on February 13, 2014 - 9:39 am

      True enough. Thanks for adding another dimesion to the habit of listening!! JBC 8-)



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