50 Shades of Jazz ~ Poet’s Beat ~ Thinking Like a Butterfly by Mark Nepo Accompanied by Jazzamor’s Childhood Dreams

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“Childhood Dreams” from Lazy Sunday Afternoon by Jazzamor. Released: 2002.

Thinking Like a Butterfly

by Mark Nepo

Monday I was told I was good.
I felt relieved.
Tuesday I was ignored.
I felt invisible.
Wednesday I was snapped at.
I began to doubt myself.
On Thursday I was rejected.
Now I was afraid.
On Saturday I was thanked
for being me. My soul relaxed.
On Sunday I was left alone
till the part of me that can’t
be influenced grew tired of
submitting and resisting.
Monday I was told I was good.
By Tuesday I got off the wheel.

Mark Nepo is a poet who wrote Seven Thousand Ways to Listen.  I connected immediately with his words because he is a fellow traveler traversing Cancer’s rough terrain and who opens the portal to my soul connecting to the universe.  I hope you enjoy today’s selection.  Peace Out!  JBC 8-)


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